Fidgety Fairy Tales

Fidgety Fairy Tales - The Mental Health Musicals re-imagine familiar stories to raise awareness about mental health.  Since 2008, we have created 36 fairy tales that reduce the fear and misunderstanding around a wide variety of mental health disorders and topics. 

Unable to do live performances during the pandemic, we have adapted some of our stories into online puppet shows and storybooks.  We hope you enjoy!

a story about depression

added August 2020

duration:  12 minutes, 30 seconds

The Tortoise and the Hare

Chicken Little

a story about managing catastrophizing thoughts

added May 2020

duration:  15 minutes

Music, lyrics, and music direction by Marya Hart

Written, directed, and puppets by Matt Organisak Jenson

Sound engineering by Dan Dukich

Illustrations by Gracie Borell

Performed by

Zada Basford-Hammond

Rowan Benz

Chet Davenport

Adam Hartmann

Lillian Hochman

Leona Jones-Anderson

Ruby Mae Karason

Ma'Kyia Robinson

Sasha Winnett

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Fidgety Fairy Tales is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through at grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts and cultural heritage fund.

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