The Safe Guard

Safe Guard: Allies Against Bullying

Meet the Safe Guard – Allies Against Bullying! These heroes use their non-violent powers to protect anyone who is being bullied. Together, they make their school a safer place by helping everyone feel like they have a friend.


The Safe Guard Character Profiles

Get to know the members of the Safe Guard – Allies Against Bullying and how they use their non-violent superpowers to stop bullies and protect those being hurt.



Real Name: ZZYXLI

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Super Power: Moodcaster can read a person's emotions and broadcast them telepathically to help others understand how the person is feeling.

Background: ZZYXLI is a foreign exchange student from the planet Utopia, a planet on which bullying does not exist. Utopians have evolved beyond gender, so ZZYXLI uses gender neutral pronouns. They are 157 years old, which is about the same as a fifth grader in Earth years.


Star Power

Real Name: Samira Ahmed

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Super Power: Star Power can see a person's unique talent, ability, or special interest and turn it into a non-violent super power for a short period of time.


Sonic Stop It

Real Name: Brandon Adams

Pronouns: he/him/his

Super Power: Sonic Stop It's Voice Volumizer transforms his voice into energy. It has three settings. Still causes bullies to stop and reflect for 10 seconds. With Assert, the force of his words create an open space around him by gently but firmly pushing bullies back. Rally draws whoever is in the area to help.

Background: Brandon is a techno-genius who built his first robot at the age of three. Tired of being teased for having autism, he built his Voice Volumizer to help himself and others from being bullied.



Real Name: Percy Kuhlman

Pronouns: he/him/his

Super Power: Calminator's Waves of Calm are calming fields of energy that can help both bullies and victims take a breath and make a wise choice.