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Latest Issue

May 2022, vol. 7

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Includes work by Ava Blackwell Kinney, Lauren Davis, Asher Eide, Kate Goenner, Selah Jacoway, Alaina McCabe, Reiya Romano, Keira Schuett, Jarrett VanderPoel and REACH Mentoring

Now Accepting Project Proposals for the Sept. 2022 Issue


Are you interested in creating something for Youth Voices of Experience?  


Propose a project.  If accepted, we'll pay you to create it and pair you with a professional artist mentor to help you along the way.  Learn more 

Proposals due: June 13, 2022

Previous Issues

September 2021, vol. 6

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Includes work by, Mathani Mohamed, Carson Bechtel, Raksmey Kong, Jarrett VanderPoel, Halo Visions, Keira Schuett, Alena Skinner, Edward Savela, Lilyanna Duncan, NFA Charco. Also includes:Healing in Community, a collaborative project and The Safe Guard: Allies Against Bullying

May 2021, vol. 5

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Includes work by: Zada Basford-Hammond, Ava Blackwell Kinney, Lilyanna Duncan, Abby Garrett, RJ Hassel, Omnya Mohamed, Sheehan Perry, Nick Sabby, Keira Schuett, Jarrett VanderPoel, and Katia Vinogradov. Also includes: Healing in Community, a collaborative project, Star Power and Friends, a new webseries

March 2021, vol. 4

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Includes work by: Lilyanna Duncan, Abby Garrett, Ava Blackwell Kinney, Sarah Kirk, Ywj Siab Lor, Omnya Mohamed, Mathani Mohamed, Akshata Moorthy, Sheehan Perry, Keira Schuett, Jarrett VanderPoel, and Katia Vinogradov

November 2020, vol. 3

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Includes work by: Lin Abraham, Lilyanna Duncan, Dezire Duty, Mathani Mohamed, Sherry Muthiga, Tristen Neufville, Brooklyn Peterson, Jarrett VanderPoel, and Kylee White. With the voice talents of Zada Basford Hammond, Madelyn Davis, Mathani Mohamed, ​and Sherry Muthiga

August 2020, vol. 2

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Includes work by: Rachel Leibherr, Victoria Marial, Mathani Mohamed, and Long Nguyen. Also includes: Chapter Spotlight: Project Legacy, Fidgety Fairy Tales, Safe Guard 2019 Comic Book Winners

May 2020, vol. 1

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Includes work by: Lidiya Namike, Long Nguyen, Cathy Truong, Jane Rohlfing, Jarrett VanderPoel, and Emma Warmamen


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