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The Safe Guard

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2019 Bullying Prevention

Comic Book Contest Winners

In October 2019, Minnesota teens created One-Page Comic Books showing the heroes from the Safe Guard - Allies Against Bullying putting a stop to Freeze Out, the Queen of Ice-Olation.

To learn more about the heroes of Safe Guard:

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For more bullying prevention resources, visit

"I think it's important to combat bullying because everyone deserves to feel like they have friends and belong. Nobody should feel excluded for being who they are. Everyone is unique in their own way, and deserves to be able to be themselves and make friends just like everyone else."

Grace Robins, age 18

Lael Tannen, age 13

Lael's comic book shows Freeze Out, the Queen of Ice-Olation, turning classmates against someone who is transgender.  The hero Star Power grants him the super power to melt Freeze Out's spell.

"I think that it's important to combat bullying because every time someone says something cruel it chisels away at a person's self-confidence until it doesn't exist.  The end up hating themselves in every way.  Which is obviously horrible."

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