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Listen, Learn, Act

A guest speaker series about social justice and mental health

for youth ages 12-22


In order to build better systems we have to understand how they work. Through this series you'll learn from local experts  what mental health is, how social injustices impact it, and  how you can take action to build a better world.



Upcoming Sessions:

Oct. 12th: What is Mental Health? A Roundtable Discussion

with Milo Due, Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology


Oct. 19th: Caring for Self and Others When the World is on Fire

with Milo Due, Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology


Oct. 26th: Trauma 101

with Chris Staebell, Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology


Nov. 2nd: Social Justice and Historical Trauma: The Role of Youth 

with Brandon Jones, M.A., psychotherapist, professor, and consultant


Nov. 9th: Policing and Mental Health

with Renee Jenson, formerly of the Barbara Schneider Foundation


Nov. 16th: Do They Look the Same? Global and Cultural Perspectives

on Mental Health

with Quincy Guinadi, Doctoral Student in Counseling Psychology


Nov. 23rd: Change to Chill: Mental Health Resources

with Muna Musse, Student Advocate


Leading with compassion, knowledge and support

23 Empire Drive, Suite 1000

St. Paul, MN 55103


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Youth MOVE MN is a project of the Minnesota Association for Children's Mental Health and is a state chapter of Youth MOVE National.  This project is supported by a grant from Minnesota Systems of Care from the Department of Human Services.